Friday, March 18, 2016

AirCoaster 2: Getting Started

Learning the track editor

The AirCoaster 2 track editor is very versatile but may appear quite intimidating at first. If you are new to AirCoaster, you might want to start by tweaking the demo tracks to get a feel for the different tools.

Probably the most important rule of thumb to learn is that most 3D controls follow the same principle: tap once to activate the control, and then tap and drag it to modify it.

This is how you'd use the 3D arrows to nudge a track segment around. Or the red 3D pin to move the entire track to a different location. To select more than one segment, tap on one segment, then tap and drag away from that segment to select a range of segments. Once these segments are selected, you can copy and paste them.

All tracks are created using just two segment types, the basic segment and the loop segment. You can very easily create a realistic roller coaster by laying down just a few of these segments. When you are ready to take your roller coaster building skills one step further, try mastering all the different techniques you can apply to the basic segment. For example, you can use a series of very short basic segments to create almost any track structure. Or apply special "recipes" to turn and twist the track in unexpected ways. You will be able to learn many of these techniques by downloading and inspecting the tracks created by our more experienced users.

Changes from earlier AirCoaster versions

AirCoaster 2 creates tracks using a completely new file format. This means that tracks created with AirCoaster 2 cannot be downloaded and used on older versions of AirCoaster. However AirCoaster 2 will let you open and use files created with older versions of AirCoaster. You can use the Legacy option on the Settings tab to customize the colors and settings for these legacy tracks. Alternatively, if you can open the track in the track editor, you can apply the new AirCoaster 2 settings there and re-save the track using the new AirCoaster 2 format.

One of the most anticipated new features of the AirCoaster 2 track editor is the ability to add and manage more than one roller coaster track in a single file. Tracks that use the "Last Rideable Segment" feature in AirCoaster 1.6 will automatically be split into 2 tracks: the first track ends at the last rideable segment and connects back to the first segment, while the second track starts after the last rideable segment and ends up becoming a scenery track with no cars.

Another important thing to note is that all the ride settings and colors are now saved as part of the track file. These are no longer customizable by people who download and ride your tracks. The only thing they can change is the theme, which affects only the sky and ground color. This ensures that people who ride your tracks experience them the exact same way you designed them.